Wednesday, August 12, 2015


High school students are murdered off-camera by some unconvincing spirits in this dreadful Syfy Channel horror film. A student brings his collection of occult gold coins to school, and this somehow causes an unconvincing earthquake which awakens some unconvincing ghosts. A librarian is trapped within a melting floor, a kid is cooked within the school's duct work after some Die Hard jokes, and jars of dissected frogs attack. The head ghost is just chock-full of terrible puns, and all the kill shots occur off-screen. Do yourself a favor and avoid Ghostquake.


  1. Oh. :(

    I wasn't going to watch it once I saw that Danny Trejo was in it, but thanks for the warning anyway.

  2. The frog attack was worthy of a giggle, but otherwise I was so bored I found very little to even ridicule.

    1. I've had too many movies like that lately. I've gone "back to basics" on my blog with VHS tapes now. It's like 1997 all over again. :)