Thursday, August 27, 2015

Canada's Most Haunted

Canada's most haunted sites are investigated in this recreation-heavy documentary. Utilizing the old-fashioned technique of interviews and recreations instead of the modern ghost hunting technique of night-time investigations, Canada's Most Haunted tells the paranormal histories of some of the Great White North's spookiest locations. Unfortunately, there's a very sensible skeptic interviewed between each vignette discounting every single story, tossing a wet blanket over the entire proceedings, so Canada's Most Haunted is very, very boring. To make matters worse, they also investigate the Memphremagog Lake Monster, and while I don't have any problem with lake monsters per se, lake monsters aren't ghosts at all, but Memphremagog is a really interesting word, and it's fun to say. Thanks to Wikipedia, I just found out that Lake Memphremagog has a lighthouse named Witch Shoal Lighthouse, and while I don't know if it's haunted, I wouldn't mind visiting if there's the possibility of seeing a ghost, a witch, and a monster all at the same time.

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