Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cat-Women Of The Moon: Terrible Movies #163

Astronauts travel aboard an elaborately appointed drawing of a spaceship to a matte-painting of the moon. As they explore the lunar surface, which consists of walking through sets in front of more matte-paintings of the moon, they discover an extremely unlikely cave, take off their helmets and spacesuits in the extremely unlikely moon air, and are then attacked by a gigantic googly-eyed spider dangling from a string. Then someone shoots this moon spider with a gun that sounds suspiciously like a gun one might hear on Gunsmoke. Suddenly, a foreboding cat-woman shadow appears a couple of times, then the cat-women perform a ritual-like dance.

Sorry, no clip.

It's just as well, because it's terrible. There's some telepathy I guess because it's apparently in the script, and a completely meh astronaut love triangle which could have been nipped in the bud if the astronauts had brought enough women for everyone, and a couple of unconvincing cat-woman attacks. The whole movie is cruddy, and after a while I just stopped caring about the moon, or cat-women, or anything, really. I watched it on Youtube, and you can watch it below, but why bother?


  1. I think I'll add this one to my 100 Greatest Titles (But Not Greatest Movies) list. Thanks for providing the whole film.

  2. I am merely sharing this film and do not own it, as I believe it is in the public domain. Regarding "Greatest Titles", the problem with many of these movies is that they have a great title but nothing to back it up. Taking "Cat-Women" for example, it could be argued that there are no actual cat-women in this film, just Leotard-Wearing Moon Villains, and no one would go see a movie titled that.