Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Devil Bat's Daughter: Terrible Movies #161

Hysterical and overwrought women supposedly do stuff, look off into the distance wistfully, and men talk about junk in this sudsy whodunit. There's an "old dark house" moment, wind howls through the trees, and a bat the size of a mattress dangling from a string attacks someone in a graveyard during a dream sequence I think, but the images are watery and swirly because it's a dream, and it's extremely brief. Boring, tedious, filled with suspect science, and you often wonder if someone's going to say either "Zoinks!" or "Jinkies!". If you're looking for devils of any variety or bats in abundance, you should look elsewhere. I watched it on Youtube, and you should avoid it. If you just can't stop yourself, and you should learn to exercise some restraint in such matters, you can watch it below.

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