Monday, July 18, 2011

The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed Up Zombies: Terrible Movies #160

After we watch go-go girls dance and someone sings a song, we meet Jerry, who thinks he's a badass but drives a station wagon and frolics on the beach with his pompadoured pals. Jerry goes to the carnival, then he falls in love with a stumbling dancer and has his fortune told by a gypsy with a mole on her face. Then he's hypnotized because it's in the script, which causes him to occasionally stab people when he sees twirling umbrellas by the pool. Yep. That's the gist of it. Oh, did I mention this movie is a musical and there are very few zombies? I didn't? Hmm. Well, there you go. Boring and confusing, and it shouldn't be. It's supposed to have strippers (it doesn't really) and zombies (totally not zombies). Avoid unless you love the movie's title (which is a great title the movie could never live up to) and you love awkward and pointless showgirl dance routines. I watched it at Youtube. Here's a trailer:

Hey, that was pretty cool, and almost makes me want to watch the movie again. But I won't.

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