Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Storage Wars: A Terrible One

My youngest daughter forced us to watch this show. Is it a show? I'm not sure what it is. Here's the pitch: Unlikeable people spend upwards of several hundred dollars to buy off-screen deadbeat's dusty garbage packed in cardboard boxes. It's just awful, yet thoroughly compelling. We easily watched six or eight or a dozen episodes but they all tend to blur together after awhile. Every episode drags you in with the prospect of some loudmouth opening a metal door and discovering someone's old shoes, broken toys or priceless heirlooms. It's irritating and obnoxious and formulaic and I'll never get those 6 hours back. I watched it on A&E. How long has that station been around? Never heard of it.  Here's a clip, but don't make me watch it again:

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