Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Young Adult: A Good One

Mrs. Deathrage dragged me out to the theater. Here's how that went down:

Mrs. Deathrage: We're going to the movies.

Stabford: What are we seeing?

Mrs. Deathrage: It's a surprise.

The Awesome Stabford Deathrage: I don't want to go see Young Adult. I read a blurb that it's depressing.

Mrs. Deathrage: We're not seeing Young Adult.

The Amazing Stabford Deathrage: I don't care, just as long as they have Junior Mints.

So we saw Young Adult, and I was pleasantly surprised. They didn't have Junior Mints, but they did have Sno-Caps. And I didn't find Young Adult to be depressing at all. It's an uplifting story about Mavis, a former prom queen and high school cheerleader who now ghostwrites young adult fiction and chugs diet soda from the bottle and wakes up face down in her clothes or next to random men whose faces are often conveniently cut out of the shot. Her scowling face barely conceals disdain for everyone and everything. She doesn't mind if she has snack cake remnants in her teeth, but don't spill anything on her silk blouse. She sings along to Teenage Fanclub and drinks Maker's Mark. And finally, someone's crippling misfortune ruined her homecoming. She's a heroine, I'm inspired by her, and the film is great. If I made New Year's Resolutions and if I wasn't already incredible I would resolve to become more like her, but I honestly can't think of a thing I would change.

I went to an actual theater and saw it with actual people, although there were only about 6 of them. Their presence only annoyed me slightly. Here's a trailer:

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