Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Zombieland: A Good One

My youngest daughter stole my PS3 with the Red Light Of Death, sold it, and bought me a new blu-ray player with the proceeds. I have mixed feelings about that. She's an enterprising youngster and I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Anyway, my new blu-ray is pretty cool. It can access Netflix, Amazon, and Pandora, which is a feature everyone needs. I'll keep it. It was A Very Zombie Deathrage Xmas, where I received the blu-ray player, The Zombie Survival Guide book, and the blu-ray of Zombieland. I had already seen it, but only on pay-per-view so it was nice to watch it on blu-ray. The graphics are great, there's some blood and gore, some laughs and shocks, a little justified product placement, a funny cameo, and a snappy script. You have to suspend a little disbelief, but it's a fun flick. I mean, if everyone's a zombie then who's working at the power plants? That's fine, though. Plus there's very effective use of Van Halen and Velvet Underground. Here's a trailer:

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