Monday, September 9, 2013


My wife and I went shopping yesterday to the Target. They've started putting out the Halloween items. Here's a photo:

This is a photo of the pegboard where all the Halloween items are not displayed. Target is currently a Halloween wasteland. What the heck's the hold-up, people? I don't have all day. However, I did manage to purchase another couple of packages of Halloween Oreos. I put them in the cart, and Mrs. Deathrage's head whipped around and she demanded to know what I was doing. I said I was going to buy some more Oreos. Suddenly her head burst into flames, the sky got dark as ominous clouds rolled in, the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse looked up from what they were doing, she pointed her finger at me and screamed, "PUT THEM BACK!!!" in a very deep, frightening voice. I refused, and then things got really scary.

She said, "OK".

I don't know what that means, but I'm wary.

Anyway, they had the DVD of Sharknado for the very reasonable price of $9.99. I was going to put them on top of the 8 packages of Halloween Oreos that were now in the cart. Her head whipped around again and I decided not to press my luck. I put it back on the shelf.

When we got home, I saw that I-Tunes had Sharknado available to stream for $4.99. I paid for the download, and Mrs. Deathrage's head spun around again like it was on some sort of swivel. I said, "Honey, I have to. It's important."

Then things got really scary. She said "OK". AGAIN! I don't know what the heck is happening, but it couldn't be good.

So we watched Snarknado as a family, and everyone enjoyed it. I'm not going to review it here, but I will in my 2nd book which is now temporarily entitled Stabford Deathrage Battles The Creeping Terror At His High School Reunion (No, It's Not The Creeping Terror's High School Reunion, It's Stabford's) but that might be too long to put on a dust jacket. Anyway, you can buy my first book at Amazon for the low price of $5, which is half the price of a Sharknado DVD and about the price of 2 packs of Halloween Oreos because my second book isn't ready yet. It's a good value.

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