Friday, September 27, 2013

Assault Of The Sasquatch

Someone watched Futurama and Great Expectations on my Netflix account, and instead of Netflix recommending terrible horror movies as I intended, it's now recommending various period dramas and a documentary about 50 Cent. I'm hoping if I just continue to watch terrible horror films, Netflix will get its act together.

Anyway, I watched Assault Of The Sasquatch, which is a a prison drama where a guy kills a cop's wife, escapes from jail, and takes over a police station and hunts everyone down inside. There's some really awful camerawork, some dodgy accents, and a chick taking a shower while a song plays on the soundtrack called "Get My Booty Poppin" while two nerds watch. Someone says, "That's all my favorite toppings" for some reason, and someone else says, "There's air freshener, you know, if you need it", and I'm not sure why. Oh yeah, and someone else says, "Smexy" which I'm not sure is a word.

Now that I've watched the trailer, it seems as though I forgot to mention a lot of dumb stuff about this movie. There's a poacher with bad teeth, a nerd stabbed with a traffic sign, and a martial artist stripper with a heart of gold. I think that covers it.

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