Tuesday, September 10, 2013


A chunk of space debris crashes into a New York City street and creates a man-hole sized crater which seems plausible and then CGI spiders jump out of the wreckage in this nonsensical monster movie. So the spiders lay eggs in people which doesn't quite seem right, and then everyone hunts for the queen spider egg which also seems a little suspicious, and then I realize that the film-makers don't seem to understand spiders very well, even if the spiders are outer space laboratory spiders that grow to enormous and uninteresting size.

Something about this movie bothered me, and I couldn't put my finger on it. The New York City streets in the film seemed a little bit weird. They looked like New York City; with nondescript graffiti everywhere, and extras wandering around aimlessly who speak oddly wooden, disaffected lines of dialogue, and shop signs hung on New York-type buildings that read "Deli" and "Art Gallery" and "Bistro", and then it suddenly hit me.

This wasn't New York City at all.

It's Bulgaria.

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