Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cry Of The Banshee

Vincent Price hunts witches in this nearly-banshee-free horror film. An alleged witch is branded and then whipped through the streets being dragged by a chicken-filled cart, then she's pelted with eggs. A hound bays ominously while another supposed witch is forced to dance on a table while someone plays a panpipe. Several people are stabbed, and that's why you shouldn't attend a dinner party thrown by Vincent Price. Then a guy with a mystical amulet charms a rabid dog. No one seems to bat an eye at this magical turn of events, and it's as though people in the 16th century didn't understand witchcraft or dinner parties very well. Some time later after various rapes, Vincent Price throws another dinner party featuring a rabid dog's head on a stick as a party favor. If you put an N in Price, you get Prince, and that guy knows how to party. He even wrote a song about it.

Anyway, after about a million years of movie the banshee finally shows up. It's not very interesting.

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