Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Messiah Of Evil

A woman searches for her missing artist father amidst voiceover narration in this freaked out horror film.

So yeah, that happens, and it happens during first minute of the movie, and it happens with a Judy Collins-type vocal accompaniment. Where did that girl get a straight razor, and who takes a straight razor to the pool in the middle of the night? 

Anyway, Elisha Cook, Jr. shows up and starts spouting gibberish, and that's exactly what needed to happen. He says, "Sometimes I make sounds that aren't quite human", "Children eating raw meat", and "You're not supposed to eat the finger". 

Quite a bit of movie happens for a while, and then someone is eaten alive in the canned goods aisle of the supermarket. To stretch for time, a chick goes to the movies and watches a western starring Sammy Davis, Jr., and nothing pads out the length of a film like inexplicable chunks of other films.

Messiah Of Evil is a creepy, surreal, apocalyptic, hippie zombie film, and it's recommended if you like stuff that sucks.

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