Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Terror In The Crypt

I'm not burdened with the human emotion known as regret. However, if I was, I regret starting to watch Terror In The Crypt AKA Crypt Of The Vampire AKA The Castle Of The Living Dead because I nodded off right at the beginning. When I came to, a naked chick was face down on a painted five-pointed star in the middle of the floor. No, not in my penthouse, which wouldn't be entirely surprising, but on the screen. Then a horse-drawn carriage lost a wheel.


As you can see in this "trailer", the wagon seemed to have a wheel, and there's no naked chick. I don't recall Christopher Lee being in the film I watched, but there were plunging necklines, billowing curtains, creaking doors, dramatic, lingering looks, and mile-long sideburns. There was a pretty cool moment involving a dog and a bell, but now I'm not entirely certain that moment was in this film. I'm not certain what film I even watched. Whatever it was, it wasn't very good, and I'm not overly worried about it.

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