Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Terror At London Bridge

The spirit of Jack The Ripper is resurrected from a stone from London Bridge in Lake Havasu, and David Hasselhoff does something about it in this shoulder pad-filled made-for-TV movie. Moving it stone by stone, Lake Havasu, Arizona reconstructed London Bridge during the early 1970s. Did you know that? Neither did I!

It's not very interesting.

Anyway, a woman cuts herself on some bleachers, and a drop of blood resurrects the spirit of Jack The Ripper (and his hat, cape, and knife), who was drowned after being pursued by cops and throwing one cop into another. This fictionalized account of the demise of Jack The Ripper is not historically accurate. He was never captured, and dozens of men were considered suspects.

Then David Hasselhoff and his plunging neckline boogies to some generic 80s jams. You're going to find this hard to believe, but live music rarely fades out like it does on records.

Anyway, a bunch of movie happens for a while, and I got up and had a big slice of chocolate cake. It was good, and vegan. Yes, you can actually make a delicious vegan chocolate cake. I'll give you the recipe sometime.

So, Terror At London Bridge is absolutely terrifying, and by "absolutely terrifying" I really mean this:

...and this:

...which really doesn't have a lot to do with Terror At London Bridge.

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