Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ghost Adventures: Union Station

The trio of paranormal investigators explore Kansas City's Union Station in this episode of the Travel Channel series. It is October 16th, and I've done almost nothing to prepare for Halloween. Sure, I've put my skeleton candelabra on the dining room table, but that's about it. I've already plowed through 2 boxes of Hostess Scary Cakes, which are just regular Hostess Cupcakes with orange icing, but they had to be purchased and eaten because it's Halloween. And I've eaten 2 boxes of Halloween PopTarts, which are the most evil of all the PopTarts, which aren't very good to begin with. And I've eaten several boxes of Halloween Oreos, which are the most evil of all the Oreos, and they should just sell those year round. Other than that, my Halloween preparations have been woefully inadequate. I haven't hung my candy corn lights, I haven't purchased any pumpkins, and all my non-skull decorations are still in storage. The penthouse is always decorated with skulls, so those don't count. Speaking of the penthouse, reconstruction is still ongoing since my arch-villain Polar Vortex attacked in January (see blog post "Cold snap" from January 19, 2014) and Aquaman did nothing to help, so that's taken up a lot of my time this year. I think it's pretty funny the Justice League put their satellite in orbit high above the Earth and far from the nearest ocean just to spite Aquaman, and it reminds me of that movie where Peter Lorre is on a submarine teaching a shark to swim in a wading pool aboard a submarine (see blog post "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea"). Anyway, I figure work will finally be completed just as Polar Vortex decides to attack the penthouse again, so I have that to look forward to.

I haven't had a lot of time to watch scary/bad movies lately, so I decided to watch the episode of Ghost Adventures where they visit Kansas City's Union Station. This huge train station was the site of a shootout in 1933 that left one fugitive and four law enforcement officers dead, and there have been reports of supernatural activity there ever since. I've visited it several times, and it's a beautiful Beaux Arts building. The basement is a little eerie, filled with mannequins and trains. Anyway, the Ghost Adventures guys do their stuff, which involves walking around with their arms outstretched, shouting at unseen things in the darkness, and lots of hyperbole. They briefly discuss the pseudoscientific Stone Tape Theory, where the stones of a building record events and play them back, resulting in ghostly apparitions, which I find implausible and completely fascinating. They also haul out a Spirit Box, which sweeps FM frequencies and allows spirits to play words over a speaker and allowing them to communicate, which I find implausible and completely fascinating. All in all, not a bad episode.

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