Wednesday, January 28, 2015


A young woman is accused of theft and subjected to a traumatizing search in this taut, provocative film. Based on a true story, Compliance follows the Bullitt County McDonald's Strip Search Prank Call Case nearly to the letter, and I'm glad they told me as the events are so horrifying I nearly didn't believe it. After a caller identifying himself as a police officer informs a harried restaurant manager that one of her employees is being accused of theft, the manager follows the instructions from the slick, convincing, manipulative, and flattering prank caller, and then detains the hapless employee for over 3 hours. Ann Dowd as the manager deftly portrays a gullible, desperate, and overworked character while supplying hints of narcissism, tenderness, and shame. Heather McIntosh's unobtrusive, anxious cello score heightens the tension throughout.

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