Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mundo Depravados

Burlesque star Tempest Storm stars in this comedic sex murder mystery, where two detectives hunt down a pantyhose-masked, trenchcoat-clad, Keds-wearing sex monster, which is apparently a thing that exists. After the sex monster unconvincingly murders a woman in a doll factory who looks like the Jesus And Mary chain held her down and teased her hair, two detectives with a penchant for impersonations search for clues in two likely places: a television station that is host to an unconvincing, 15-second-long exercise program and the burlesque house because those two places are well known for containing clues. Every male character would rather peep through peepholes, through cracked doorways, and through heating vents instead of buying a ticket to Tempest Storm's burlesque act where she pretends to be murdered by the sex monster, and the two detectives become concerned that her act might upset the real sex monster. He shouldn't, unless sex monsters are often upset by Tempest Storm wearing two sets of lingerie and pretending to be unconvincingly stabbed in front of a unconvincingly strip-teased audience. Mundo Depravados is poorly mic'd, poorly acted, and very, very boring.

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