Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Women Aren't Funny

The anecdote that women aren't funny is examined in this largely laugh-free documentary in spite of it being filled with some remarkably funny women. Briefly touching on the history of funny women, and by "briefly touching on the history of funny women" I really mean "showing a couple of pictures of Lucille Ball and then fixating on her comedian husband", Bonnie McFarlane interviews many standup comics and stands in some weeds without pants. If we're merely answering the question "Are women funny?" with this film, then I would have to agree that the normally very funny Wanda Sykes, Maria Bamford, Sarah Silverman, and Joan Rivers aren't funny, and it's a shame.


  1. Lucille Ball wasn't funny. She was a brilliant comedic actress, perhaps better than Hepburn, but she never once wrote a joke. She never spontaneously said or did something that made people laugh. She often didn't get jokes, not even knowing what "funny" was. Still, she makes me laugh.

  2. Well, you might be right there, as she said she had no talent and claimed to not be funny. Therefore, they probably shouldn't have used Lucy as an example.