Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blancheville Monster: Terrible Movies #168

The Blancheville Monster is one of those low-budget period Italian dubbed jobs, where there's a dark, candle-illuminated old castle, and actors sit at grand dining room tables with spooky candelabras on them and their lips don't quite sync up with the dialogue, and lightning flashes and thunder cracks, and it's all very atmospheric; and the entire time you think, jeez, there's entirely too much plot and too many actors in this thing, and this movie wouldn't be half bad if they digitally removed all the actors and plot and junk, and just showed 90 minutes of an old spooky castle in a storm. Now, that would be a good flick, and I would watch the heck out of that. Sadly, this one isn't that movie, it's the other one. I watched it on Youtube, which has quite a selection of cruddy old horror films, much better than Netflix's current selection. You can watch it below.


  1. I didn't think this one was too bad. It definitely shines in the creepy-old-atmospheric-castle department, but the overload of characters made it a bit of a chore to follow. I did love the way Helga Line just sort of stands around and looks suspicious most of the time, as can be seen in your youtube video screen grab (she's the one in the back).

  2. I was paying a lot more attention to the sets than the actors.