Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Your Highness: Terrible Movies #175

Comedies are often unfairly maligned. Not so in this case. Danny McBride plays a slacker prince and James Franco plays the character he played when he hosted the Oscars in this misguided and beknighted stoner bromance, but the bromancing seems to be between the actors and not the characters, and there's very little stonage going on. Like a Middle Ages cross between Cheech and Chong and Clash of The Titans, it's laugh-free from beginning to end, loaded with unnecessary CGI, and contains transient accents from everyone involved. Comedies should be funny and they shouldn't be boring. I watched it on pay-per-view and should have watched Pineapple Express. Here's a trailer containing all of the jokes from the movie and a bikini-clad Natalie Portman, so save $5 and watch this instead.

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