Monday, August 8, 2011

Vision: From The Life Of Hildegard Von Bingen: A Good One #104

Before you say anything, I know. This is an unusually long stretch of good movies. I have no explanation for that. Sometimes it happens.

Vision: From The Life Of Hildegard Von Bingen is the story of the mystic, author, musician, scientist, healer, and nun from the 12th century. Apparently, the only thing she wasn't was a procrastinator. Anyway, this film is well shot and acted, but it's overlong and slightly Lifetime-y, focusing more on interpersonal relationships and less on her accomplishments. Maybe the filmmakers figured viewers would be less interested in her creative process, but they would be wrong. It was also so moving and could have used more of her music, but maybe the licensing would be cost prohibitive. Overall, a passing grade. Here's a trailer:

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