Thursday, July 19, 2012

Number 17

Some criminals do some stuff in this stylishly shot early Hitchcock thriller. In the midst of dramatic shadows and camerawork, a corpse's hand juts from the bars of a staircase railing. There's a long tracking shot...and then I fell asleep. I vaguely recall something about a train, but that's not especially helpful as in most Hitchcock films there usually is something or other about a train. It's a metaphor, I think. Anyway, I really should watch this one again. Look, give me a break. I'm still three movie reviews behind, and they ain't gonna review themselves. Plus, The Dark Knight Rises opens this weekend, and that thing's almost three hours long. I know you will probably find this hard to believe, but I have other stuff to do. I'm not a machine, and I sometimes need sleep. Not much. Just a little. I'll try not to let it happen during Movie Time. I sort of watched Number 17 on Netflix.

Sorry, there doesn't seem to be a trailer, but you can watch the whole thing on Youtube.

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