Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Under The Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story

Dear Netflix: Please rename your section entitled New Releases. They're not new, and they rarely change. It's embarrassing. Maybe you should call it One New Release, Some Dreck No One's Heard Of, Some Reality Television Programming, Some Stuff I Wouldn't Touch With A Ten-Foot Pole, And Some Other Crappy Stuff. Anyway, I'm assuming no one's allowing you to have movies anymore. That's ok, I'll find them somewhere else I guess.

Under The Boardwalk is a documentary about the board game. Unfortunately, it's also partially a reality show as we have to follow the trials and tribulations of a group of people as they attempt to go to the World Monopoly Championship. There's The Villain, and The Newcomer, and The Reigning Champ, and it's all very boring. I was more intrigued by the history and evolution of the game and couldn't care less about those folks, but I guess I'm not the demographic they're trying to reach. Reality programming is one reason why I disconnected my satellite dish. I don't care about 'real' people, and I don't want to watch their 'adventures'. I like phony adventures by pretend people.

You know, that sort of sounds like reality programming. Anyway, I watched Under The Boardwalk on Netflix, and I don't know why. Oh yes I do, it's because there isn't crap to watch on Netflix. Here's a trailer:

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