Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rocket Attack, U.S.A.

Atomic bombs are a total drag apparently in this anti-nuclear weapon propaganda film. We've got military stock footage, accidental camera shadows, awkward blocking, and wooden acting; all in abundance. The members of the cast who aren't in military stock footage have agitated conversations on telephones every five minutes, someone in an overcoat awkwardly runs off into the brush, and with very little warning there's belly-dancing because that's exactly what's needed to break up the monotony of having to constantly worry that the Russians are going to annihilate Manhattan. 

Oops, spoiler alert? 

Sorry, I should have warned you that in this film Manhattan is totally destroyed by an atomic bomb, and it's simultaneously boring and terrifying as there's only about 6 pages of script and the film-makers use that one piece of stock footage of that one atomic explosion everyone uses over and over again to simulate the demise of the Big Apple. Oh yeah, and a drawing of a rocket flies through a drawing of space. I watched Rocket Attack, U.S.A. on Youtube, and it sucked. Here's a trailer:

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