Thursday, June 6, 2013


The set-up for Invasion is actually pretty intriguing. The plot is this: Aliens invade a small town; and the action unfolds in real time, in seemingly one-take, all through the dashboard video recorder of a police car along a dark dirt road, illuminated merely by headlights. A car drives up and down a dirt road, and all the viewer sees are starkly lit trees and brush. Sometimes a cast member twitches, staggers around, and sometimes hugs another screaming cast member in the car's headlights. The dialogue consists almost completely of voice-over narration. Unfortunately, that's pretty much the whole movie. Invasion has a vague Invasion Of The Body Snatchers meets War Of The Worlds meets Manos: The Hands Of Fate vibe about it, you know, because of all the driving, body-snatching, and aliens you almost never see. Actually, the appearance of Torgo would really liven this flick up. And if you think the film is tedious, wait until the end credits which seem to go on forever.

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