Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Shock Labyrinth

A group of Japanese teenagers discover spooky goings-on at a haunted fun-house or hospital, I think, in this horror film by the director of the Ju-On series. One of those now-typical long-haired Japanese ghosts wearing a white gown walks up a spiral staircase in a foreboding fashion, a helium party balloon drifts about in threatening manner, a plush rabbit backpack levitates and phases through walls for some reason, and various ghosts and bodies drop from a great height on people causing death and injury, but I'm not sure why. Featuring camera shadows and some unconvincing CGI, Shock Labyrinth seems to confuse a spiral staircase with a labyrinth and forgets to shock. The version of Shock Labyrinth I watched was in Japanese without English subtitles, so the entire film was nearly impenetrable.

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