Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ladron De Cadaveres

Someone digs up a body in a graveyard, then there's some calisthenics. Naturally, wrestling happens because Ladron De Cadaveres is a lucha libre movie. A wrestler gets knifed in the shower by a hobo wearing a phony beard and mustache, and the dead wrestler gets carted out of the gym in a drippy wicker basket. Of course, the recently deceased wrestler is fodder for a chimp/luchador brain transplant, and it turns out the phony bearded guy is a mad scientist who has a completely different mustache under the phony one. Sadly, the transplant didn't take, so someone props the stiff up on a lamp-post on a street corner because that's fine. Then some more wrestling/judo happens, and one of the wrestlers named Vampiro ends up dead. For some reason, the formerly dead Vampiro becomes undead and causes a lucha libre stampede. Then Vampiro sprouts some body hair and the movie becomes a part Wolfman, part Nacho Libre, part Frankenstein, part King Kong extravaganza. I actually enjoyed Ladron De Cadaveres, but I don't speak Spanish so I have no idea what actually happened in the film.

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