Monday, November 4, 2013

Necessary Evil: Super Villains Of DC Comics

An exhaustive, tedious look at some of the more well-known super-villains of DC Comics, and by "exhaustive" I really mean that I found the endless interviews of writers and artists exhausting. You know what would've made this documentary about super-villains a bit more interesting? More villainy. Sure, the film-makers include clips of some of the villains, but they would cut right back to someone talking and talking and talking about what makes these characters tick. Instead of talking about villainy, why couldn't we see some of it? The villains take a back seat in a movie about villains, and it's a big pile of meh. Speaking of big pile of meh, Necessary Evil interviews Guillermo Del Toro who directed this summer's Pacific Rim, which is supposed to be a movie about giant robots battling giant monsters but it's really a movie about a bunch of bros who drive giant robots and have a bunch of crybaby feelings and then you hardly ever see the giant monsters. Del Toro was a perfect fit for Necessary Evil, but probably not for the reasons the film-makers thought he was.

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