Monday, April 7, 2014

Antarctica: A Year On Ice

Featuring stunning time-lapse photography, Antarctica: A Year On Ice is a fantastic documentary about what it is like to live a year on the frigid continent at the bottom on the world, or as I like to think of it, being trapped for 6 months with no possibility of escape in a silent, frozen, windswept, barren landscape that could kill you and you're thousands of miles from the nearest bakery.

Honestly, I couldn't imagine living in Antarctica. It's just about the worst place on earth. The sun circles overhead for months at a time, and then you're plunged into darkness for months at a time. 200 m.p.h winds force snow through every crack and crevice until it fills every available space. There's vast emptiness, and complete silence. And it's cold. After about 5 minutes there I would probably lose my mind. There's like one store, and they probably don't stock Junior Mints. Not to mention if you eat all your Junior Mints, you have to wait 6 months for them to be restocked, and I would probably have killed myself long before then. After watching this film, I can safely say visiting Antarctica would be like someone punching you in the face with an ice cube tray.

Simultaneously beautiful, heartbreaking, frightening, and inspiring; Antarctica: A Year On Ice features awesome footage of the Southern Lights, the Milky Way, and stars spinning around in circles. There's also a nightmarish moment aboard an icebreaker, a harrowing drive in some sort of vehicle during white-out conditions using only GPS to navigate, and Antarctic residents succumbing to a mental issue called T3. Not only is life in Antarctica tough on humans, it kills an awful lot of animals, too, so beware of that.

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