Wednesday, April 23, 2014


An average Danish boy develops super ant powers in this funny, lightweight superhero film for kids.

Pelle Nohrmann is so average no one notices him. While walking home from school he passes the neighborhood haunted house, & he is bitten by an ant. As one would expect from an ant bite outside a haunted house, Pelle begins to notice strange, insect-like powers developing within him. An observant classmate becomes his Alfred of sorts and guides him to a life of super-heroics. Powered by sugar and keeping candy in his utility belt, Pelle as Antboy becomes a celebrity. Then the girl he has a crush on is kidnapped by a villain known as The Flea.

Featuring bright colors and fun graphics, Antboy is a cute, clever, well-shot film derivative of other superhero films like Spiderman or Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. There's some mild toilet humor featuring a melting toilet, but Antboy is probably ok for most kids.

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