Saturday, April 12, 2014


A hobo sits naked in the center of a wealthy Belgian woman's chest, takes a bath, becomes a gardener, and has a hand in a little surgery in this well-shot, enigmatic documentary. Detractors have often claimed that I misunderstand a lot of artful, inscrutable films with a vaguely supernatural edge, discuss at length subjects that don't have a lot to do with the movie, and somehow make myself the center of the blogpost (and those detractors suck and don't know what they're talking about), so I decided to do my research. Sure enough, there seems to be a myth called 'sleep paralysis' furthered by so-called experts in the extremely scientific and not-at-all-made-up field of research called The Old Hag Phenomenon, where a sleeping individual experiences a form of wakefulness and an inability to move allegedly caused by overlapping sleep cycles, when everyone knows that this terrifying phenomena is caused by a demon sitting in the center of one's chest. Just for my own information, I made a call around to the old hags, incubi, succubi, mares, and hobos I know to see if anyone recently squatted in a wealthy family's concrete mansion, squatted on their chests, and dug up their lily pond, because I'm a gig fan of Brutalist-inspired architecture and that sounds like a pretty solid grift. No one claimed to know anything about it, and since they're all a bunch of shady characters I shouldn't have really been surprised by that response, but regardless of that I'm going to have to go on record and state that the events in this documentary are probably completely fictional.

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