Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Night Of The Howling Beast

Paul Naschy and his wide collars searches for a Yeti and gets bitten by sexy cave-chicks in this dimly lit Spanish horror flick. After a lot of walking through mountains, forests, and caves, Naschy finally gets bitten after about 27 yeti-free minutes. Then some cave-dwellers gnaw on body parts of some sort, and Naschy fights a naked chick wielding a stick. I'm not sure why. Then Naschy staggers around in a day-for-night shot before transforming into Wolfman Jack. After a gunfight with some sherpas, someone inexplicably utters the name Chaka Khan. Again, I'm not sure why.

No one pops, locks, or scratches. Stevie Wonder does not play harmonica. No one gets funky during a Prince-ly break, and Chaka Khan does not make an appearance, which would have really livened up this film. The Night Of The Howling Beast is a snoozefest, and by "snoozefest" I mean "I fell asleep whenever Chaka Khan was not onscreen".

Here's a trailer. It's in French, but you'll get the idea.

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