Wednesday, April 2, 2014


A man discovers he can control his neighbors' minds using sound and briefly forces them to be in a rock band in this absurd, nihilistic Scandinavian film. Utilizing a brooding, effective electronic score to create an unsettlingly sinister atmosphere, LFO is slyly funny. I was very impressed with Izabella Jo Tschig's subtle acting, where flashes of fear, confusion and disgust often crossed her face at the same time.

Spoiler alert: You know, if I discovered that I could control people's minds using a synthesizer, I'm not certain I wouldn't try to control the world myself. Honestly, there's a lot of improvements that could be implemented in the world, and I'm just the sort of supervillain to do it. Seriously, I would set the planet straight, and everyone would be a lot happier. Given, if I had supreme control of the world there would be a lot more Junior Mints around, in fact, everyone's cupboards would be full of them because they're delicious and no one dislikes them and if they do there will be heck to pay. Let's just cut to the chase, under my benevolent and minty martial law, there will be mandatory Junior Mints for everyone.

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