Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hangar 10

Three metal detector enthusiasts hunting for gold near the location of the infamous Rendelsham Forest UFO Incident stumble upon evidence of more unexplained activity in this found-footage horror film. Featuring shaky cam, metal detecting, a dead squirrel with flies crawling out of its mouth, out-of-focus harmonica playing, flashlight-lit walks through the forest, and a tedious love triangle, Hangar 10 is another found-footage film of bickering people in the midst of some paranormal happenings.

After finding a fence topped with barbed wire, with an enormous hole cut in it, the trio climbs through it into certain, predictable peril. Then there are close-up interviews with flashlight a la The Blair Witch Project. After some deer noises and a loud warbling, they see a light in the distance. The next morning, their car is gone, which of course means more walking through the forest, no cell phone coverage, and more bickering amidst nausea cam.

In a derelict brick building, they find a camera with photos of dead horses whose bodies are covered with unexplained growths, some dangling chunks of meat, and snapshots of the group as they slept in their car. Suddenly, at the 40 minute mark, there's some pretty good footage of unexplained lights dancing in ominous storm clouds overhead. Then there are more lights in the trees, a foggy airfare base, and squawking birds sitting in a barren tree. It's fairly tedious. After some running, screaming, and more nausea cam, the film enigmatically ends, and not a moment too soon.

Hangar 10 is another of those found-footage horror films borrowing liberally from The Blair Witch Project. It has an intriguing premise based on the real-life Rendelsham Forest UFO Incident, and it's not bad to look at when the camera is still. It's rarely still. Hangar 10 isn't great, but I wouldn't stop you from watching it.


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