Friday, January 15, 2016

The Haunting Of Fox Hollow Farm

The paranormal investigation of the infamous farm owned by alleged serial killer Herb Baumeister, where 5000 human bone fragments were unearthed, is examined in this documentary. Disjointed and gimmicky, The Haunting Of Fox Hollow Farm quickly cuts from one image to the next, one interview after another. Intercutting TV news clips, talking-head interviews, second-hand storytelling, and input from psychics and paranormal investigators, the presentation of information makes it difficult to discern what is fact and what is conjecture. Featuring such evidence as images of rippling water from the indoor pool where some victims were killed which allegedly contain the visions of ghosts, various EVPs, murky night-vision footage, and results from ground penetrating radar, the legends surrounding the farm are compelling, but the editing is breathlessly paced, making the film a confusing jumble. Even with the lurid story of the I-70 Killer as backdrop for a Ghosthunters-type investigation, The Haunting Of Fox Hollow Farm will disappoint both those interested in the grisly careers of serial killers and fans of ghost hunting programs.

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