Monday, January 11, 2016

The Milpitas Monster

A monster born from garbage menaces a town in this extremely low-budget horror film created by teenagers. A hobo fishing down at the 'Sludge Lagoons' inadvertently awakens a monster, and you can tell he's a hobo because of the jacket with the big patches sown on it. Meanwhile, people complain about tumor-ridden fish, stinky water, and stinky mud. Suddenly, there's a musical montage with trash cans, and someone gets harassed by a stop-motion, poorly-lit, and inexpertly animated monster with wings that looks remarkably similar to the cryptid Mothman. Hoodlums steal a container of sulfur from the high school, then everyone goes to the carnival. After the local 'ice cream restaurant' explodes, everyone gets mail. The locals demonstrate with picket signs because their trashcans have disappeared, and due to the pressure, the mayor holds an emergency task force meeting to get to the bottom of the trash can crisis. The mayor orders a device called the Odorola, which is really just a rotary-dial phone in a heavy-duty suitcase. The suitcase is painted yellow, so it looks a little less like a suitcase. Lots of movie happens, then the movie ends in a LOL-inducing fashion as the monster climbs a metal scaffold while the townsfolk detonates dynamite beneath it, causing it to topple off a cliff. The winged monster seemingly forgets it has wings, and plummets to its demise. Part King Kong, part Mothman, part Creeping Terror, The Milpitas Monster is thoroughly terrible, and it's mildly recommended if you like stuff that sucks.

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