Monday, January 4, 2016


A familial intervention goes awry in this sci-fi/horror film. A veteran suffering from PTSD shoots an unseen predator in the woods after his dog is killed, and bickering siblings travel to stage an intervention with him. In the isolated house on the shore of a picturesque lake, windows and doors are covered in aluminum foil. Holes in the foil cause beams of sunlight to cut through the gloomy interior of the cluttered house. In the back room of the house, there's a door with two large padlocks on it. Something is in the basement. The brother pulled his own tooth because he believed it had a tracking device in it. He opens his military jacket to reveal he's covered in infected scratches. In a long dialogue piece, the siblings bicker, setting up the plot in a frantic narrative. Compelling acting and good pacing keeps the scene from becoming dull. Tense music, quick editing, decent special effects, and exciting, sweeping handheld camerawork create an effectively paranoid atmosphere, plus Vincent Price makes an appropriate cameo as his film The Last Man On Earth plays on a TV in the background. I enjoyed Pod, and found it to be reminiscent of The X-Files.

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