Thursday, January 14, 2016

Justice, My Foot!

A period screwball martial arts comedy from Stephen Chow, Justice, My Foot! is the story of a couple fighting the justice system with leaping, flying, twirling kung fu action. Someone loses a dog, then gets bitten in the ass. Not by a dog, by a person. The wife kicks a cow, then jumps over tofu. Someone falls into an absurdly large pile of dung, then it's off to the graveyard. Then a stand-in says, 'I'm a stand-in'. Then there's some zaniness involving a dead child, frogs, and a broken ladder.

Someone mops, then someone washes their feet with free tea. A woman gets 'punched in the goodies'.  A woman's second brother falls off a cliff, then she immediately gives birth. She immediately hangs herself, but is saved at the last moment. After the husband falls asleep at the shrine of his dead parents, he wake up to find he's dressed in women's clothing. Then someone wearing a fringe-y red hat farts and says, 'Cool'.

The wife gets smacked in the face 30 times with a stick, then the feng shui of an archway is questioned. Then someone complains that their line was stolen. Someone whips a flute out of their dress, and a game of mahjong is upset.

Several lengthy, complicated court cases are held, and the film sort of ends with a windswept, high-flying sequence of martial arts. The wife's water breaks during the battle, and she gives birth amidst brightly colored umbrellas.

Justice, My Foot! is a madcap, confusing action film where many of the jokes fall flat due to translation problems. It's well-shot, with beautiful cinematography. There's an abundance of dick jokes, durian jokes, breast milk jokes, soup jokes, and let's not forget, a character named Ah Fuk. It's a humorous film from the Shaw Brothers studios.

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