Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Voynich Code

The history of the mysterious manuscript is examined in this documentary. Arcane and alchemical, the enigmatic book The Voynich Manuscript contains drawings of exotic plants, zoetrope-like illustrations, and what could be considered early magnifications, amongst other optical effects. 200 pages of parchment with no errors from the 1500s, the book's secrets still haven't been decoded. If you're looking for answers to questions raised by this quizzical book, you won't find them in this documentary, but it might send you down an interesting Wikipedia-hole. I found myself looking up cypher techniques such as the Cardan Grille, which surprisingly enough, isn't a delicious as it sounds.


  1. I'm actually an expert on the subject! I found a way to write in Voynich B (the botanical section language), proving to myself that it was a 15th century hoax.

  2. I'm somehow not surprised by this. You're an expert in many subjects.