Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Godmonster Of Indian Flats: Terrible Movies #217

A guy wearing a vest made out of sheep herds sheep then strikes it rich at the slots in Reno in this haphazardly edited horror film, then a hooker steals his cash while a trio of banjos serenade and when he gets upset about this turn of events he gets roughed up Occupy-style by the local fuzz. Suddenly, there's a sheep-related hallucination sequence for some reason where the film crew barely off-camera hold up wriggling sheep for their close-up which then results in bloody straw covered sheep embryos because it's in the script. There's a visible boom, a parade, some strangely dubbed voices, odd animal sounds, a faux dog funeral, a pie eating contest, a nonsensical script, a ketchup covered steak the size of a hubcap, and a papier-mache godmonster puppet made out of sheep with an uncanny resemblance to Snuffalupagus. It's slow-moving and awful (the movie and the godmonster) but recommended if you like stuff that sucks. I watched it at Youtube. Here's an explodey trailer that blatantly rips off Hitchcock if Hitchcock didn't know how to make movies:

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