Monday, November 21, 2011

The Haunted Drum: Terrible Movies #215

In this poorly edited Thai horror film, a guy ignores his kid and builds a drum and then dies for some reason which is never explained. Suddenly, someone says, "What a suckabuck jerk!", and you're not sure why. Some ghostly stuff happens, I guess, then someone pets a chicken which then somehow ends up dead moments later but surprisingly does not turn into a chicken ghost. And then just when you think, "Hey, this movie doesn't have any haunted drums in it!", a guy gets assaulted by the spirit living in a haunted drum until his eyeball falls out and a girl in the forest gets bent in half to death but it isn't particularly scary or interesting. And someone gets called a schloomp, someone else says, "If you smell coconut milk, go to bed at once." which seems fairly sensible to me, many people pretend to play the drums, and several grown men cry. It's just dreadful. I watched this movie on Netflix Instant Streaming and I wish I hadn't. Here's a spoilerific trailer which you should probably avoid, too.

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