Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Was A Teenage Frankenstein

A man builds a teenaged monster in this teenaged monster film. After a convenient and fiery car crash outside his laboratory, Dr. Frankenstein brings home a cadaver and no one seems to mind. Then Dr. Frankenstein and his girlfriend go to the local make-out point for some reason. After someone says, "If you breed morons, you beget morons." and "It's my own private morgue.", Dr. Frankenstein says to his newly fabricated muscular monster, "We need to be concerned about your physique.". I'm sure all of that is just fine. Then the creature lifts weights while his head is still bandaged, which also seems fine. The creature is your typical teenager; which means he's 30 years old, pouts a lot, lives in his creator's basement, wears a tight shirt, and has a head that looks like it was crudely fashioned out of papier-mache. After some more plot has happened, Dr. Frankenstein and his future bride have a lovey-dovey moment; and by that I mean she finds out Dr. F has built a muscular teenaged murderer and then Dr. F convinces his girl to go buy her own engagement ring. While she's admiring her new bling, Dr. F feeds her to his laboratory alligator because people often have those. Then he brings Teenage Frankenstein to Make-Out Point, as if you totally didn't see that coming. I watched I Was A Teenage Frankenstein on Youtube, and it's recommended if you like stuff that sucks. Here's a trailer:

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