Tuesday, June 26, 2012


An unconvincing meteor gently lands on an unconvincing matte painting of the Earth, which then transforms an ordinary bulldozer into a slowly moving and unconvincingly sneaky killing machine in this made-for-TV thriller where Robert Urich doesn't get top billing. So, Robert Urich's character is killed off in like 5 minutes, and one of the other supporting characters seems unusually distraught about it for some reason and wistfully reminisces about the time they went skinny-dipping. Then the rest of the cast allows this very large, slow-moving, and extremely noisy machine to stalk and kill them because they just can't seem to out-think or out-run it.

It could happen.

Killdozer is an awful lot like Stephen King's Christine, only without the boy/car love affair and a lot more Killdozers. OK, so there's only one Killdozer, but I really like saying Killdozer.


I watched Killdozer on Youtube, and it's recommended if you like stuff that sucks or Killdozers.

Sorry, there doesn't seem to be a trailer.

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