Monday, June 25, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

Precocious children do quirky things in this artfully directed film. All the Wes Anderson hallmarks are here: Long, impeccably-crafted, symmetrical dolly shots. Deep focus shots of fields where everyone walks in formation. Claustrophobic, dollhouse-like sets. Stagey direction. Stylized, artificial nostalgia. Hank Williams and Benjamin Britten's music as narrative. Stylized close-ups that look like Grant Wood's 'American Gothic' art directed by J. Crew and utilizing a tasteful color palette by Martha Stewart and eyewear by Warby Parker. An extravagant theater production. And let's not forget Bill Murray.

Moonrise Kingdom is a lovely and charming fable where everyone is far more interesting, eloquent, academic, creative, and intelligent than anyone has ever been ever, sort of like like they were pulled from an apparel catalog or a home-decor magazine. Unfortunately, I don't think they exist in real life. Planet Earth should be a rich, autumnal, well-photographed, and lyrical Wes Anderson adventure filled with odd and fascinating people all the time. It would be a beautiful place. I watched Moonrise Kingdom in an actual theater, and someone behind me kicked my chair the entire time causing my head to bounce around like I was riding the bumper cars. I somehow found the strength within me to let him continue living. I'm very proud of me. Here's a trailer:

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