Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Resurrection Of Zachary Wheeler

A Senator has all his organs replaced after a car-crash in this sci-fi film starring Leslie Nielsen. I'm not sure why I watched this thing. I found it on a list of movies with no description, and then I saw the words 'spookshow' and 'giallo' at Youtube, and the next thing you know I'm stuck watching it. It is not a giallo, and it's not a spookshow, and it's not Airplane; although Leslie Nielsen hangs out in an airport and rides in a jet. At least I think he does. That's not important right now. So there's lots a wood panelling, and melodramatic surgical brow-mopping, and lots of talking on phones. There's also unconvincing blocking, unconvincing Alamagordo rush-hour traffic, an unconvincing cab ride, an unconvincing awakening from a coma, Leslie Nielsen unconvincingly running in an alley or in the desert or anywhere, and an unconvincing viewing of a duodenum. Thankfully, Angie Dickinson is in it occasionally. It's still pretty boring, though. I watched The Resurrection Of Zachary Walker on Youtube, and there doesn't seem to be a trailer.

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