Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Absolute Zero

Jeff Fahey stars in this disaster film where the Earth's magnetic poles move somehow, plunging Miami into a deep freeze. I'm not sure how or why. Anyway, Jeff Fahey travels to a backdrop of Antarctica and investigates an ice hole for some reason, and some sort of poorly-executed icetastrophe happens. Then a really abrupt and awkward transition happens, and Jeff Fahey is back in Miami, trying to warn everyone about the poles moving. People think he's a nut, of course, that is until they have to unconvincingly flee wind-toppled poolside beach umbrellas in unconvincing terror as unconvincing Miami CGI snow falls. Then some pseudo-science-y stuff happens, and some jerk gets stuck in an elevator, and Jeff Fahey has a really intense look of concern on his face. It looks a little like this:

It's pretty scary.

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