Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me

I'm not going to review Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me.

Look, I already know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Well, why bother reviewing the movie because you don't review the movies you watch anyway? You introduce the plot of the movie and then go off on a tangent for a couple of paragraphs, post some music videos, and then post the trailer. So go ahead and skip to that, because I'd rather listen to Big Star's music than have you ramble on all day about your vacation or Junior Mints."

You know, that's very disrespectful and accurate, and if I was capable of human emotion I might be a little hurt and offended by that.

Fine, I won't tell you about all the great interviews with rock legends who were influenced by Big Star, and I won't tell you about the cool outtake recordings from the creation of their 3 classic LPs because you're an astute observer of my writing style and a big poopy head.

I don't need to be disparaged in this mean-spirited and precise way. Whatever.


  1. Forget the haters, you should be all like "ain't no one gonna turn me 'round".


  2. It never fails, I will put on #1 Record, and I say to myself, "Don't play the melancholy jams. They lead you down the path to melancholia every time". And I say to myself, "Oh no. Not this time. I think I am capable of restraint, and this time will be different". And I kick out "In The Street", and "Feel", and "September Gurls", and of course I have to play "Thirteen", because you can't just NOT play it. Then I play it again. And again. And probably again, but everything's becoming a blur. Then I whip out Chris Bell's "You and Your Sister", and "I Am The Cosmos". The next thing you know I've got "Sister Lovers" in the player, "Kangaroo" on repeat, and I'm in the fetal position in the corner of the room. Good times.