Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The 18th Amendment to the Constitution and its repeal is examined in this well-made documentary by Ken Burns. I watched Prohibition because I took a tour of the Wild Turkey Distillery near Lexington, KY while I was on vacation, and there wasn't crap-else on Netflix to watch. The tour of the distillery was very informative, but I probably would have enjoyed it more if I actually drank. At the end of the tour, there's a tasting area where you get to choose two bourbons. I didn't choose. I don't drink, but I got the gist because the air surrounding the distillery was perfumed with the aroma of bourbon and rain. Why would I take a tour of a distillery when I don't drink? Well, I just like learning things, I guess. That's probably why I watch so many documentaries. Also, it rained almost continuously in every state I was in during my vacation, so I needed something to do.

Wait a second, let me rephrase that. Even though it rained almost continuously in every state I was in during my vacation, I needed MORE things to do while I was on vacation because my vacations almost resemble work. I did stuff for 12-14 hours every day, and collapsed in a heap of awesome at night. I travelled through multiple states in the southeastern US, ate many delicious meals, visited many interesting and offbeat places, and slept in several haunted hotels. I should tell you about it sometime. Well, I probably will, but not until March 2014.

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