Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Maciste In Hell

A rather dapper fellow with a beard and mustache wearing a top hat and cape takes an uptight musclebound wet-blanket on a vacation in this silent-era documentary, I think.

So it's kind of hard to tell what's happening in this clip because it's from like a million years ago, but I think the top-hatted guy offers the pipe-smoking ingrate an all-inclusive membership to some sort of spa because of all the smoke, mist and butterflies. Some boring stuff involving an infant and a love interest happens, then it's back to the spa with more smoke, fire, snakes, writing bodies, flames, pitchforks, torture, emotion-wrought eye-blinking, eternal torment, and epic battles; and I can only assume it's January at the YMCA. Then there's some soul-devouring, a fire-breathing dragon, and decapitations with heads being flung into a fire pit, and yes, I'm almost certain it's January at the YMCA.

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